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  • For People Who Want To Be Free

  • Discover How To Break Into Radical Freedom To Create Your Dream Life Without Struggle

    Permanently release addiction, overeating, overthinking, obsession & self-sabotage patterns and start living with ease and joy

    The Secrets To Un-limit & Upgrade Your Consciousness using a combination of neuroscience, ancient wisdom, epigenetics, alchemy and the most advanced manifestation techniques.

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  • This Is For You If...

  • You want to live in RADICAL FREEDOM

  • You're fed up of settling & you're ready for real success

  • You want to step into your power and take charge of your life

  • You want to escape addiction, overeating, overthinking, obsession or self-sabotage patterns

  • You want to discover your true potential & achieve your biggest goals

  • You want to start living a life you LOVE

  • Presented by

    Alicia Rios Wilks

    Alicia Rios Wilks is a multi-award-winning thought leader on a mission to spark a Radical Freedom Movement.

    She is an innovator in combining human consciousness, mind and body transformation, and breakthrough performance.

    Like many of her clients, Alicia had spent much of her life feeling powerless, unsatisfied and limited. To create her own transformation, Alicia brought together top research on the nature of consciousness and the structure of reality and pioneered a revolutionary method designed for the most powerful and rapid transformation humanly possible.

    She creates heart-centered spaces for others to learn how to live an unlimited life, permanently release struggle, connect to their unique superconscious genius and live their true nature and purpose.

    Enrol in the Radical Freedom Transformation Intensive

    Go from the deepest struggle, self-battling and hardship

    to the highest ease, joy and freedom in life

    Transform the way you experience yourself, and life.

    Permanently release addiction, overthinking, obsession, compulsion & self-sabotage patterns.

    Manifest a life you're in 100% in love with, no matter your starting point.

    Learn the 5-step superconscious code that helps you access 100% of your consciousness, and redesign how you show up in the world (the way you behave, feel and physically show up in life).

    **I can only take on 2 more private clients in 2022, so please apply quickly!**

    Radical Freedom Transformation Intensive

  • ONE-ON-ONE Intensive Coaching: 3 Months of weekly private coaching, creating true transformation for permanent results in your life

  • (Value: £3,997)

  • Radical Freedom Coaching: Access To Online Training, Coaching Calls, And Transformational Treatments

  • (Value: £2,997)

  • Metamorphosis: The Path To Freedom In Body, Mind & Spirit: Access To Neuro-Emotional Visualisations & Meditations to Rewire Your Neurology And Raise Your Emotional Set-Point For More Happiness In Daily Life

  • (Value: £333)

  • Consciousness Mastery: Tools To Access & Reprogram All Levels Of Consciousness: Access To EXCLUSIVE Tools Including Hypnotherapy And Superconscious Recodes To Upgrade Your Consciousness

  • (Value: £333)

  • The Magnetic Mind Ritual: A Keystone Daily Habit Of The ULTRA Free & Successful. If You Are Looking To Awaken Your Potential, Breakthrough Your Limits And Take Control Of Your Future!

  • (Value: £150)

  • Peak Productivity Planner: The Easy Way To Make Sure You Move The Needle Every Day Towards Your Dream Life.

  • (Value: £199)

  • BONUS: Radical Freedom App & Membership Site For Freedom Anywhere, Anytime. Download anything onto your phone for OFFLINE access!

  • (Value: £150)

    Total Value: £8,159

    Today’s Price: £8,159 £3,000

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    Limited time offer.

    When you apply today, you'll get 1 FREE full consultation with Alicia Rios Wilks - you'll be able to talk about your challenges and desires, and it will give you a chance to see if you're a great fit.

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    With the Radical Freedom Transformation Intensive,

    You'll Learn How To:

    • Release addictions, emotional blocks, and unwanted behaviour.

    • Heal from past traumas and return to wholeness.

    • Find your self-sabotage pattern and easily neutralize it.

    • Transform your experience of Self to embody your highest truth.

    • Connect into your true nature and purpose - uncovering your heart's desires.​

    • Activate the secret of manifestation (avoid the BIG mistake most people make).

    • Create Structural Tension (for massive momentum towards goals) by consciously setting up a ‘2-Point’ Structure.​

    • Use the power of Epigenetics to transform your physical health and activate your highest physical performance.

    • Unplug from the struggle & limitation of your past identity.​

    • Redesign the way you show up in the world & create your desired identity.

    • Connect into your own Superconscious Intuition and Genius to guide you in taking the correct action so you magnetically move towards your dream goals.

    ** PLUS I Will Teach You How To Take Back Control Of Your Own Power So You Can Live In Radical Freedom **


    Your Radical Freedom Coach

    Founder of Radical Freedom & Pioneer Of The Rapid Consciousness Transformation Method (RCTM)™

    I've helped people all over the world harness their innate power to release emotional blocks, addictions and sabotaging patterns; heal from trauma; and step into their unlimited Selves to consciously create their dream life.

    • I work with all 3 levels of consciousness, harnessing 100% of your potential

    • I teach you to access your inner power and live in Radical Freedom

    • Years of experience as a professional Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Magnetic Mind Coach

    • Pioneer of the ground-breaking Rapid Consciousness Transformation Method (RCTM)™, designed for the most rapid and powerful mind-body transformation humanly possible.

    "My focus is to get you to a point where you're living from your personal power, LOVING your life, and manifesting your biggest dreams with ease, flow and confidence."

    What Others Are Saying

    I wish I'd found this sooner. This coaching has completely changed my life. It's amazing! I'm making all those "dreams" that I NEVER thought were realistic into a reality. I can't thank you enough, Alicia. I'm so grateful to you.

    Hayley Davis

    Baja California

    This is way beyond what I expected. I was in a really dark place when I found Alicia, but my life is completely different now. I've never been happier.

    I have a completely different outlook, and I'm just making things happen! I never thought I would get to live this way... It's incredible.

    Jon Williams

    Bristol, UK

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    When you apply TODAY, you'll get 1 FREE full consultation with Alicia Rios Wilks - you'll be able to talk about your challenges and desires, and it will give you a chance to see if you're a great fit.

    AND you'll have secured this massive DISCOUNT.

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